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Micro Rings – 4.5mm

Qty 500 Micro Rings are small aluminium alloy rings, with a silicone liner on the inside, powder coated to match your clients hair. These rings are used with I-Tip and...

Nano Ring – 2.0mm

Qty 500 Nano Rings are similar to Micro rings but ¼ the size. Made from a copper alloy, power coated with a silicone liner. These rings are used in conjunction...

Royale Rings - 3.0mm x 2.6mm x 3.0mm

Qty 500 Royale Rings are small copper alloy tubes, Powder coated to match your clients hair. Royale Rings are used in conjunction with Royale I Tip Hair -- Qty 1000 Royale...

Loop Treading tool

Used for the application of Micro Rings, Nano Ring and Mini locks. wooden handle and steel wire. These are a must have for any Hair Extension Technician. Its also a...